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Copper (II) sulfate pentahydrate 50-100-200-400-800g 98% pure grade Blue vitriol

Copper (II) sulfate pentahydrate 50-100-200-400-800g 98% pure grade Blue vitriol

Copper (II) sulfate pentahydrate 50-100-200-400-800g 98% pure grade Blue vitriol

Copper Sulphate/Sulfate Pentahydrate 98% pure grade CuSO45H2OCAS No.: 7758-99-8EINECS No.: 231-847-6


Copper sulphate is a very versatile chemical with as extensive a range of uses in industry as it has in agriculture. It is generally used as insecticide in agriculture & wood industry.

Up to a generation or so ago about its only uses in industry were as a mordant for dyeing and for electroplating, but today it is being used in many industrial processes. The synthetic fibre industry employs it in the production of their raw material. The metal industry uses large quantities of copper sulphate as an electrolyte in copper refining, for copper coating steel wire prior to wire drawing and in various copper plating processes. The mining industry has found its application as an activator in the concentration by froth flotation of lead, zinc, cobalt and gold ores. The printing trade takes it as an electrolyte in the production of electrotype and as an etching agent for process engraving. The paint industry uses it in anti-fouling paints and it plays a part in the colouring of glass. These are just some of the examples of usages of copper sulphate. Today there is hardly an industry that does not have some small use for this man-made chemical..

Feed additive

(2) Hardware industry

(3) Chemical industry: used in the manufacture of copper salt leaching copper chloride cuprous chloride and cuprous oxide etc.

(4) Dyestuff industry: used in the prodection of copper sheet azo dyes.Such as blue complexing agent.Also in organic synthesis spices and dye intermediates of catalysts.

(5) Water treatment industry.

(6) Electroplating industry

Storage & handling:

1> Store the product in a cool and dry place.

2> Prevent from direct sunlight water and moisture.

3> Avoid contact with strong acid oxidants or poisonous substances.

4> Exposure to moisture will make it oxidze easily to sodium sulphate.

5> Do not store it for long time.

Quality control


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